Velkommen til DanWEC - Danish Wave Energy Center. En del af Hanstholm.
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Energy walk - take a walk around the banks of Hanstholm

Oprettet dato: 27. november 2014

DanWEC is placed where the waves of the North sea and the Atlantic Ocean hit the shores of Jutland.


On their way the energy of the waves has passed Orkney Islands, where the Scottish sister organization to DanWEC, EMEC ( European Marine Energy Center) is placed.


At both DanWEC and EMEC we try to learn to harness and capture the natures energetic forces and turn it into renewable electric energy for the use of mankind.


It is a sustainable way of energy production, and nature and human activity can cooperate in unity.


The IT university of Copenhagen and their Professors Laura Watts and Brit Ross Winthereik have created an energy-walk experience with digital walking sticks around the banks of Hanstholm, They want the listening and reflecting walkers to have an experience where they can reflect on the walk itself, the nature you pass, the energy, the views, and the waves uniting e.g. DanWEC, Hanstholm and EMEC, Orkney. 


Take an hour out for reflection on our energy consumption and use of nature.


 Try the walking sticks for free if you contact "Færgegrillen" at Hanstholm Harbour.  



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