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Severe storm in Denmark

Oprettet dato: 11. december 2013

Thursday on December 5th Denmark was hit by a severe storm, and considerable inland waters and the whole west coast of Jutland was declared under storm flood.


Outside Hanstholm the max wave height was measured to approx. 11 meters, and the significant wave height was approx. 6 m. DanWEC has no WECs, Wave Energy Converters, in the waters at Hanstholm, that could be tested during the storm.


Wavestar was safely situated in the port of Hanstholm, but it has formerly proved to survive forceful storms.


At the inlet, DanWEC Nissum Bredning Scale Test Site (NBTS) near Ydby, the storm was severe, and the waves caused some minor injuries on the bridge to the Wave platform. NBTS is still intact and will be repaired in the spring.

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