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Wavepiston in the water!

Oprettet dato: 30. august 2016



Wavepiston in the water again at DanWEC - Hanstholm


Succesfully installation at DanWEC testsite Hanstholm



After the collision last September's wave energy plant Wavepiston now ready to be laid out in the test site by Hanstholm.Energy Supply captures the man behind Wavepiston on a telephone line directly from the vessel that transports parts of the plant to testsitet.- It is our prototype, we put out again, of course with some small changes but with the same dimensions, says a delighted Michael Henriksen.Wavepiston was otherwise turned slightly off course and in each case a little, since parts of the plant last year was rammed. This meant that the string that is the backbone of the system was broken and we had to get everything in our country igen. Now is then gone over a year, and Wavepiston could yesterday put the anchorage while the buoys and rigorous laid out while writing .- we have it all laid out today and so we put energy modules in subsequent says Michael Henriksen. Wavepiston should Wavepiston have been tested for 31 months, but with the collision, it has been delayed a year. Next, an offshore test period of two years. And it has Michael Henriksen a clear plan for.- Over the next year or so, we must check, among other instrumentation, flow and water pressure. We must optimize and adjust the system and play with to take energy modules on and off. After this we would like to stand with an optimum setup, in the second year to produce power locally, continue doing han.Wavepiston laid out in the designated test site, which DanWEC created in waters off Hanstholm. It is the same place that we tried last year. However, we have increased security and added a few extra crosses out. Maritime Authority says it is the world's best-marked area, says Michael Henriksen.The aim for Wavepiston is a full scale model of 250 kW, which will consist of a 3-400 meter long string with 25 energy modules. The prototype which is placed today has eight energy modules.



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